Smart Vision & Robotic Sensing

Professor, Robotics Laboratory
Smart Innovation Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
Hiroshima University
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In order to establish high-speed robot senses that are much faster than human senses, we are conducting research and development of information systems and devices that can achieve real-time image processing at 1000 frames/s or greater. As well as integrated algorithms to accelerate sensor information processing, we are also studying new sensing methodologies based on vibration and flow dynamics; they are too fast for humans to sense.

HFR-video-based Dynamic ImagePattern Recognition

In this study, we propose a novel method for dynamics-based image-pattern recognition that can be used to inspect a specified vibrating pattern by computing temporal frequency responses in time-varying brightness signals at all the pixels of a high-frame-rate video sequence. The temporal frequency responses, which are the histograms of temporal frequency components in time-varying brightness signals, can be calculated using the short-term Fourier transform, and they are matched pixelwise with those of a reference vibrating pattern to determine whether a specific vibrating pattern is recognized. The effectiveness of our dynamics-based image pattern-recognition method is demonstrated using several vibration-source localization results for flying multicopters and insects, the rotating or flapping frequencies of which were in the range of hundreds of Hertz.



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input video (1000fps)
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extracted vibration region